Keeping Peace

That we would not be such as Adam and Eve, who threw peace from themselves, not only from themselves, but all us also.  Peace and goodness was not enough for them, they thought they needed more.

I’ve been coming to learn something recently.  I feel like I’ve began to become a little more successful in my vocation, my workplace.  This is something our enemy would like to use against us.  He would like us to begin to find life peaceful, and have us forget, and become less cognoscente of where our true peace is.  I believe this may happen to many in their middle years, they begin to become comfortable with life, become comfortable in life.

I am thankful for God that my life has become smoother, less stressful recently.  I give Him the credit, He is giving me more peace.  I do not want to look only at the circumstances or happen stances of life, and begin to rest in these things, or begin to think I myself am the cause of my peace right now.  I desire to keep looking to and praising God.  Looking to Him so that when life becomes more stressful again, I won’t have lingered away from my Lord.

I want to remember and remind myself that our peace in Christ, is not like peace as the world knows it.  So things may be going smoothly in life, this is not our source of peace, this is the kind of peace the world looks for, for everything to go smoothly, calmly and pleasantly.  I believe the enemy will give us peace, smooth sailing and calmness, if it will lull us and turn us away from seeking and keeping our true peace, our peace found only in and in closeness with Christ.

This peace of Christ, is found and kept by looking to Him.  Expecting Him to be what He says He is to and for us.  This peace is found and kept by seeking to communicate with God, seeking to share and open ourselves to Him, and He will be opening and sharing Himself with us, as we look to Him through Christ our Peace Maker and Mediator.

Again, may we not throw true peace away, because our life and circumstances seem peaceful in a natural and worldly sense.

Lord we ask that you help us to seek, find, and keep your peace in our hearts and minds.  Turn us away from falling prey to our enemies deceptive ways.  Wash us, renew, and comfort us through Your Spirit, draw us more and more closely to yourself, we ask these thing in the name above and more beautiful than any other, Jesus.


Revive me in Your Righteousness

“Behold I long for your precepts! Revive me in your righteousness.”—  Psalm 119:40

Longing for God, for His ways, His word and guidance is a great longing.  If we have fallen off to a degree, He is persistent and patient with us.  He will breathe life back into His children’s hearts and minds.  Longing for Him, His ways, His rule for our life is evidence of His Spirit’s working within us.  We see and desire life, His life seen and perceived more within us, more powerfully moving us, and helping others.

We are looking to His Spirit, His righteousness, His goodness, and mercy to complete that which he has begun in us.  He is faithful, He is good.  He is our Hope.  May we let this longing for and too God has it’s way in us that we may be revived and live more fully and abundantly in Him.

Our Refuge and Strength

Lord God, our Refuge, and our Strength.  You are ever present to help us if we would only learn to trust you.  Father God, you have become my Father, as your Son, my brother and the most beloved friend took from me my sin and gave me His righteousness, love and Spirit. Thank you Jesus, Savior, Friend, and Refuge of Hope.  As we approach you, Lord, through our Friend and Spirit, give us a greater sense of you being our trust, our strength, our hope.  Lord Jesus, you said how difficult it was for a rich man to enter your kingdom, may we count things of this world that may bring us a sense of peace and security as of being nothing when looking to and finding these things in you.  Whether in stress or seeming peace may we look to you more so and more frequently as our peace, our strength and security.  Constantly looking to you, breathing in the peace you have given many of us and are so willing to give to us all.  Lord, Spirit, Helper, help us, we ask, to become better practiced at looking to you, breathing in your true peace, whether we be in states of war, peace, anxiety, or calm.  Give us the sense to look past these to the peace and strength you have for us which surpasses mere human peace, strength and security.

“Behold, this is the man who didn’t make God his strength,
but trusted in the abundance of his riches,
and strengthened himself in his wickedness.”
But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in God’s house.
I trust in God’s loving kindness forever and ever.  —from Ps. 52

Lord, we are looking and many of us are finding more and more that you are full of loving kindness so much more so than we knew a few short years ago.  We are coming to see that we have been planted like a green olive tree in God’s house.  Some us praying and looking to you, who do not know this so much, give us the patience to find you thus so.  The Sun seemed to rise ever so slowly for me, but the Sun has risen and I now feel and know His warmth and shining on me.  I am confident Lord, in you doing the same thing for those praying and agreeing with me and others in seeking you, with confident expectation.  Lord bless, protect, and shine on and lift faces to yourself, to receive from you your peace.  We ask this in the name of peace, the One who has made and can make peace between you and us. Lord Jesus, Friend Jesus, our only strength, and refuge.

Prayer for Trust

Lord, Savior, Helper, God.  Fill us more so with your peace.  Those coming with me to you, praying with me.  Some of us may need to trust more strongly in you Lord Jesus.  That you have paid the full price that we may come to God through you, that we may be children of your and our Father, friends and brothers of you.  If any of us do not trust in your work, we ask your blessing, give us faith, through your working to trust the goodness, mercy, and loving kindness of God.  You have said in your word Lord, how willing you are that all come to repentance, bring all of us to repentance, us praying to you now, give us patience to see your gentle and patient working in our lives.  We look to you to do what only you can do, we cannot do it, we cannot produce the fruit you desire in our lives.  You must do it Lord.  Do it now, we ask, for some who may seem to be faltering in faith.  Expand and grow our faiths, solidify them, through your Spirit and word.  We are praying and asking for what is your will, Lord.  We trust your good will for us.  We ask this in your name Jesus, the name of your Son, Father, in the name you love and glorify Spirit.  We trust your hearing and accomplishing of this your will.


“It will happen in that day, that his burden will depart from off your shoulder, and his yoke from off your neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil.” Is.10

Blessed Spirit free us from our enemies’ heavy burden he lays on our shoulders and would like us to think we must bear ourselves.  Show us the lighter yoke for us, the lighter burden through Christ.

Peace in the Promise

Where is faith in God to be anchored?  For the sake of your peace reader, be coming to an anchoring of your faith in God, more and more on His promise, His promises.  Walking by faith rather than sight.  Our evil enemy is always seeking for us to walk more by sight.  This accuser of the brethren has much ammunition to use on us when we walk more so by sight.  He can raise many doubts about us when we walk by sight.  We sin too much to walk by sight, we must come to trust more and more on God’s credited righteousness and favor which covers us through Christ.  We are too faulty to always be looking at the evidence seen in us.  I admit we do have to look for some, but many take this too far, to the harm of their and others peace with God.  We must not invite the Accuser of the Brethren into our minds with an open door.

For the promise to Abraham and to his offspring that he should be heir of the world wasn’t through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.—Romans 4:13

The promise isn’t through the law, the law will always condemn us if we allow it to.  Jesus took away the sting of death but also of the law which brings death.  The promise is through the righteousness of faith, faith in God’s promises, character, and righteousness.

For this cause it is of faith, that it may be according to grace, to the end that the promise may be sure to all the offspring, not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all. —Roman 4:16

Our good standing with God in Christ Jesus is of faith, of grace.  We must not return to the law that condemns. We are to stay anchored and become even more deeply anchored in Christ, in the promise, in faith, in grace.

Yet, looking to the promise of God, he didn’t waver through unbelief, but grew strong through faith, giving glory to God,—Romans 4:20

He didn’t waver?  It appears to me by my sight that he did: by attempting to help God fulfill His promises through Eliezer of Damascus (Gen 15:2-3) and Hagar (Gen. 16:1-4).

To me, this is not a contradiction in the way skeptics may see it.  This shows the way we see things the way our enemy would like us to see things and the way God sees things through His love, mercy, and graciousness.   God credits us with unwavering faith even when our faith is clearly wavering.  The enemy would attack this unwavering faith as being no faith at all.

Abraham’s “wavering’ faith grew stronger through faith.  So strong that he was willing to sacrifice his beloved son, trusting God’s character and goodness to return him.  His faith grew strong being anchored more deeply into God’s goodness, His being revealed character.

It is my hope and prayer that our faith, yours and mine will also grow stronger, and thus be anchored.  If so, our peace with God, and of God, will grow, to the benefit of ourselves, others, and His name and glory.  God bless! Peace to you.




Choosing the Good Part

Sometimes we by our own unwise choices and mistakes find ourselves with losses in life, which can affect our peace.  In a sense though, our peace is not variable.  Our peace never changes, our peace isn’t just a feeling or a happy circumstance, those of us who are His, are held and kept by Peace Himself.  Our peace is in One, in a person, in three persons, In God.

We can choose to dwell in this peace.  Despite whatever condition our life may be or appear to be from the outside.  We can be placing ourselves more and more deeply into our place of peace.  Minding our Peace, Meditating on our Peace.  Finding in God our good part.  He is our good part.  When Jesus, When all three members of our God, begin to truly become our good, our best part of life, growing peace will follow.

Jesus answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things,but one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

We will be learning to kick out of our minds those Martha thoughts, that do us so little good.  Those thoughts about every anxiety provoking thing or potentially fearful future event.  We can allow God, to teach us the meekness of Christ.  “So, I really blew that one”, “wish I could do that over again”, or “undo that”…yes, we can dwell on what ifs, about the past and future.   We can meditate on the potentially “good” things we’ve lost or may lose in the future.

Mary chose the good part.  She chose to occupy her mind and heart with thoughts and affections of and for her Savior, of her Friend.  Those of us who have come to know Peace, to know Jesus, to know God, we know and have someone and something so much greater than all the lesser goods that we may lose or never have again.   He is greater than all these things combined.  We can choose to place our thoughts and affections on the best of the best, that we now have in Jesus.  We can let the lesser goods fade into their proper places, below our love of God.

Doing this, dwelling on our Peace, rather than our anxieties, dwelling on our great have, rather than our losses or potential losses,  will cause us to grow in peace, joy, and thankfulness.  Maybe not in a straight line type of growth, but a growth none the less. God Bless.

Love of Christ

There is one love, where our peace is to rest on.  This love is a perfect love, that can be fully trusted and leaned on.  Ours is not this way.  Ours is mixed with selfishness and falseness to one degree or another. Our motives are mixed even when we cannot see well the extent of this mixture ourselves.  It will be this way until we meet one another above.  God say’s forgive one another as I have forgiven you.  God credits us with perfect righteousness, though He most definitely sees our sins and faults.

In order to know our own peace with God and maintain peace with one another, we must be seeking to love and forgive as He does.  Though we may see one another’s sins and faults clearly, even hurt by them, we must say, yes but they are credited with Christ’s righteousness, they are His Children.  We must cover the sins and faults of others with His love, His love that is in us.  We cannot do this perfectly as He does this for us.  However, may we look to Him to provide the mercy and love needed for us to do this for one another, in order to maintain Christian love and peace with one another.

As we look more to His love and mercy, learning to know His love better.  That we would be strengthened with power through His Spirit in our inward man; That He Christ, may dwell in our hearts through faith; to the end that we, being rooted and grounded in love, may be strengthened to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and height and depth, and to know Christ’s love which surpasses knowledge, that we may be filled with the fullness of God.

This is the way of peace.  This is the way of our Peacemaker.  Lord, help us through Your peaceful and gentle Helper for us, to become peacemakers, doing our part to make peace between You and man, and peace between man and man.


Peace Found

When I was 13 years old, I heard the gospel.  I seemed to have received it with joy, but this was a temporary joy, the seed cast on rocky ground.  When temptation came, I quickly fell away.  I had more desire for things of the world than for Jesus.

This state lasted until I was about 28 years old.  Then I began reading the Bible a lot and sincerely seeking God.  I did see some improvement in my life and at times thought I might be saved.  But I never found a great peace, a solid peace.  I had no real peace with God.

I read a lot of books about theology.  I became entrapped in thoughts of things over my head, like predestination and God’s sovereignty versus the freewill of man.  Because I didn’t fully trust God’s goodness, mercy, and love, I became a hater of God.  Though I tried to earn my salvation and tried to love Him, I in all reality hated Him.  I would say to my wife, “I’m doing my part.  God won’t do His.”  I was trusting my beginnings in faith to be finished and completed by Jesus.  I was trying to earn His favor.  I really didn’t trust His heart.

I’ve always been oversensitive to judgment.  I felt judged by religious people.  Over the last couple of years, this drove me to the Psalms, which talk a lot about being judged harshly. In the Psalms, I saw what God says about Himself.  He is merciful. He is gracious. He is full of loving-kindness.  This gave me hope.  This good God sent Jesus, His perfect and good Son, to save us.

Meeting with my brother and reading an old writer helped me see that I couldn’t rely on my righteousness at all.  It’s all about God’s righteousness, His character, made available to us in our loving Savior.  I also learned better from this writer how low even the best of men are in comparison with God.  It’s impossible to bring ourselves up to His goodness on our own.

Through all these things: meeting with my brother, reading God’s Word, especially the Psalms, learning God’s heart, and understanding the impossibility of earning salvation, God’s Spirit taught me to trust God’s goodness and mercy to save me through Christ.  I don’t know the exact day, but around August of last year is when I began having a solid trust in God’s goodness and in Christ’s love and mercy for me.  That He has worked salvation in me.  This has given me peace with God.

Don’t fear what they fear.

But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you are blessed. “Don’t fear what they fear, neither be troubled.” 1st Peter 3:14

Lord, we pray that our fears would be changed.  That we would have new fears, rather than the old fears of the Adam-life, the natural man.  That our fears would be the fear of casting a bad light on your name, to others. That we would have less pride and concern about our own names and reputations as natural man does, mostly for their own benefit. That as we grow closer to you through the finished work of Christ, and the on going work of You, Yahweh three-in- one, we have new fears, the old fears fading more and more into more meaningless.

That we would not be troubled, as we were formerly so troubled and filled with anxiety about so many petty and I admit not so petty things.  Transform our affections and thoughts onto You and Your will, Your desires.  Your desires for salvation for others, that all should come to repentance.  Give us like desires. Fill our minds with the optimistic possibility that this is your will to be received by faith for us and so many others.

Fill our hearts and minds with these things that the vain and petty things that used to trouble us, would trouble us less and less.  Lord give us Your peace, control us more and more through your peaceful and peace loving Spirit.  Being saved, filled and moved by the Peacemaker, that we also may be peacemakers.

We ask these things in Jesus name.

Truth Springs out of the Earth

We come again, seeking the Lord’s help.  He has made it clear that He gives help.  He  has given His Helper, His Spirit for us individually to draw or lead us to you and then to a greater knowledge of Him.  This Spirit that helps all by restraining the evil of all, in varying degrees.

Teach us through your Spirit, your perfect Teacher for us.  Improve my word and prayer that is not your perfect word and perfect communication.  This sinner cannot communicate you sufficiently, you must use our attempt of looking to a seeking you, and improve and teach through it, and despite it, yourself.

I believe it best to look at your encouraging and hopeful words in Psalm 85 at least once more.  As we trustfully rebel against the continued falling of mankind,  “Even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting;” Rom. 1, We desire God in our knowledge, we trust Him to give us and more so the mind of Christ, that we may do those things fitting His will.

After the meeting of mercy, truth, righteousness, and peace, the next verse leads us to another hope inspiring, faith-inspiring thought. “Truth springs out of the earth.  righteousness has looked down from heaven.”   I am thinking this verse, a picture of Truth, of Christ Jesus, springing out from the earth, in the resurrection.  There is great hope in this verse for all of us.  Adam was taken and formed from the dust of the earth and has led us from dust back to dust unless a divine intervention is made for us personally.  God’s divine intervention has come and we are thankful.  Through the working of this Spirit, Christ Jesus was raised in resurrection power, He has graciously given access to whomever of us who will believe, to come to you.  We may become united with the Lord Jesus in death and in this blessed resurrection.  Christ, I believe in a true sense sprang from the earth and went straight to His throne, yet in another true sense, He remained a while longer on the earth.

“Righteousness has looked down from heaven.”  You Lord Jesus, your righteousness now looks down from heaven.  Another hope-filled thought is this.  Those of us who are in you are also in a true sense sitting safely, soundly, peacefully with you on your throne, while also remaining here for a time.  Spirit, help us more so, grasp the inspirational knowledge and truth of these verses and thoughts.  Strengthen us and encourage us in your personal work in our resurrection, and coming to life again from the dust life, and dust death of Adam.  Sin being counted as left in the dust, being absolved in Christ’s righteousness.  We ask your gracious and gentle teaching, build upon this imperfect prayer, these imperfect thoughts and words of my own, our own.  Teach us, as your word says you teach us all things, those who have come to you, and as I believe you begin teaching those being drawn by you, to Christ.

In Jesus name, we pray and seek you.